Wednesday, December 29, 2010

JewelMint: here's what Kate Bosworth thinks I should wear...

...& and I think I agree with her. Has anybody visited JewelMint, the interactive jewelry site created by actress Kate Bosworth & stylist Cher Coulter, yet? Well, I am kinda digging it.

First, I am a fan of Bosworth's style (see?). Also, I really like the style quiz that breaks down your style so that the sight can recommend pieces for you. Above is what JewelMint recommended for me. Love! What's more? All pieces (including the above necklace) cost $29.99 for members.

images from JewelMint

so lovely

Aren't these birch & gold necklaces from the Sadie shop on Etsy to die for? The price for each, $32, is pretty to die for, too.

images from the Sadie shop