Monday, October 4, 2010

The London Shows: my favorite [print] moments

Print lovers: did you see the London shows? I was especially taken by the Christopher Kane show (top), the Erdem show (center), & the Jonathan Saunders show (bottom). Wow. And I am so loving the graphic, cutout overlay atop the funky prints. Still my heart.

all photos from (see respective shows for respective photographers)


Haven and Home said...

I LOVE these, especially the first two.

Karina Cifuentes said...

These prints are so lovely + unique! I love it when there's an interesting take on florals, which I have a hard time feeling comfortable wearing, unless it looked like this. ;)


Dreaming of Palm Trees

Nikki said...

These are such gorgeous pictures and colors! love!!


Sanity Fair said...

These are great - especially the orange!
That pleating with pattern behind is really cool.