Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fantasy Easter Dresses

So, Easter makes me think of dresses (I know, shock-er). See, when I was a wee lass my mom would take me to the department store & let me pick out any dress I wanted. I would literally try on dozens. It was so much fun & I will remember bonding over those dresses with my mom for always.

So, with dresses on the brain, I thought I'd post the ultimate in fantasy Easter dressing. Elie Saab. Spring 2010. Couture. Love. Happy holiday weekend everyone!

detail photos by Olivier Claisse, full-length photos by Marcio Madeira, all from

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Sanity Fair said...

ooooohhh - these are gorge! I posted some fantasy easter bonnets too. Too bad we can't really dress like this! But - I guess I'll take modern conveniences and jeans over gowns :)