Friday, January 29, 2010

Pre-Fall Favorite Trend: Red legs

So, the pre-fall shows wrapped up last week (I know, on to couture in Paris, right?). But I did want to post on my favorite detail/trend from my favorite collections. Red legs! I say, awesome! What's cuter? At the doctor's office earlier this week I saw a 3-year-old totally rocking this trend with red tights. Was great!

photos (T to B, click links to view complete collections): courtesy of Celine, Balenciaga, Valentino & Chanel, all from

Z Gallerie gems

Kinda crazy about these Z Gallerie Casablanca Lanterns. They're bright, happy, punchy, stylish, & most importantly, reasonably priced ($7.95 - $14.95 ea). What's not to love? Oh, & they're also available in fuchsia & green.

images from Z Gallerie

Bow brooches by Evangelione

Pin 'em in your hair, on your lapel, shoes, or handbag. Evangelione Handmade Zakka Atelier (Etsy) bow brooches are cute to death, non? I'm mad about their simplicity. And they cost $6 ea. Le love!

images from the Evangelione Etsy shop

9. Space of the Day

designed by Celerie Kemble, from Kemble Interiors

48. Look of the Day

Malene Birger top from NET-A-PORTER

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Paris Shows: Oh, Elie!

I loved this show (despite Sarah Mower's "fantasy-prom" quip). The flower prints, lace, & trains were dreamy & romantic. And, I appreciated the collection even more after viewing the Valentino show. Oy. It reminded me of Lindsay Lohan's Ungaro show (in a bad way). Two thumbs up, Elie Saab. I loved. View the complete collection here.

full-length photos by Marcio Madeira, detail photos by Olivier Claisse, all from

DIY teaser

I'm currently in the throws of a 'lil V Day-themed DIY project. Thought I'd post a little teaser. Project "materials" include pages ripped from my old copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Check in later for more. In the meantime, view some of my recent DIY projects, & inspiration by others, here.

8. Space of the Day

architect is Dirk Denison, designer is Michael Richman, photographed by Nathan Kirkman, from Metropolitan Home

47. Look of the Day

Milly dress from Neiman Marcus

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Paris Shows: This Givenchy gown...

...pretty much sums up why I'm in love with this week (Paris. Purple. Spring. Couture.). I live for it! View the complete Givenchy collection here.

photos by Gianni Pucci /, from

Mast Brothers Chocolate on The Selby

Chocolate. Beards. The Selby. Oh my. Was thrilled to see Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers Chocolate recently featured on The Selby (my favorite images are above). The photography (as usual) is to die for. And I drooled a little. Check out the complete feature here.

photos from The Selby

The Paris Shows: Moonstruck by Armani Privé

Talk about choosing a theme, & sticking with it! Giorgio Armani did just that for his moon-inspired Armani Privé show. But it works. And stunningly well. I was especially taken by a white evening suit (center). So dreamy. View the complete collection here.

photos by Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse, from

Art by Leah Giberson

Another thanks to Etsy is due now. This time for exposing me to the work of Leah Giberson. Her work is both nostalgic & fresh to me. Simple & thoughtful. I also love the colorful, whimsical quality present in all of her works. It's official; I'm a fan.

images from the Leah Giberson Etsy shop

The Paris Shows: Bangs & bows @ Chanel

Because the Chanel collection will be covered to death online & in print, I thought I'd just post some of my favorite images from backstage. How funny is the bangs + bow combo? I heart it. View the complete collection here.

photos by Luca Cannonieri /, from

7. Space of the Day

from Marie Claire Maison

46. Look of the Day

from Anthropologie

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Paris Shows: Drama @ Dior (natch)

My favorite week in fashion. Swoon. OK, so Dior. Spring. Couture. Equestrian. Glamorous. And the jewelry & gloves...STOP MY HEART. As usual, some detail shots along with a few of my favorite gowns. I heart the 2nd from the top. Drool. View the complete collection here.

detail photos by Gianni Pucci /, full-length photos by Monica Feudi /, all from

6. Space of the Day

designed by Milly de Cabrol, photographed by Thomas Loof, from House Beautiful

45. Look of the Day

from the Plum Pretty Sugar Etsy shop

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This time last year @ Lacroix

OK, so I'm still sad (read: bitter) about this. So I thought I'd post some of my favorite scenes from backstage at last year's Christian Lacroix spring 2009 couture show. Oh, & that pink dress might ring a bell; the eternally chic Diane Kruger wore it last week to the globes.

photos by Greg Kessler from

Reclaimed farm wood frames by IvarsDesign

Justify FullLoving IvarsDesign's Etsy shop. Aren't these frames gorgeous? I can't stop looking at them! Elegant in their simplicity. Which I love.

from the IvarsDesign Etsy shop