Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Marry me now!"

And another one. This board was inspired by the romantic in me. I don't think a million bad dates could jade me...I'm a total romantic at heart. This board is the anti-wedding (gasp, I know!).

Was thinking, what if a great Thursday night date at say, Brooklyn restaurant, The Grocery, turned into a "meet me at City Hall on Friday!" How romantic? Maybe the couple is newly in love, maybe they were lovers ages ago but only recently reconnected. Whatever, the story ends the same.

Love that the female model appears a bit nervous & the male model seems tardy, yet hell-bent on getting somewhere. Totally romantic. Plus, I had to include Ella Fitzgerald since I did after all, create this board listening to Blue Skies. Besides, everything's better with a little Ella. Listen to Blue Skies here.

Column 1, T to B: man in suit photographed by Paola Kudacki for GQ, shaving tools photographed by Juliana Sohn, from GQ, vertical cufflinks by Salvatore Ferragamo from Neiman Marcus

Column 2, T to B:
Brooklyn restaurant, The Grocery, photographed by Jonathan Bourland from New York Magazine, bedroom photographed by Melanie Acevedo from Domino, Magnolia Bakery cupcake photo from Just Desserts NYC

Column 3, T to B:
supermarket flowers photographed by Lucas Allen from Real Simple, calligraphed note from Martha Stewart Weddings, Ella Fitzgerald image from Jazz Music Links, lover’s tree photograph from resurgemus

Column 4, T to B:
silk trapeze dress from Victoria’s Secret, David Yurman petite albion pearl earrings from Neiman Marcus, makeup & brushes photo from Makeup By Theresa

Updates on the Marchesa site

One of my favorite sites,, has been recently updated. Now includes the 2009 collections. Just thought I'd share :)

View updated site here.

(photo by Marcio Madeira for, design by Marchesa)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tugs at the heartstrings...

Found this image a couple of days's from a recent "Pictures of the Day" slideshow from The New York Times . I just thought it was really sweet, tender & telling. Wanted to share.

View the complete slideshow here.

(photo by Boris Roessler/European Pressphoto Agency via The New York Times)

Worthwhile non-profit I want to share...

So, I don't really know how to start this post...I just wanted to make people aware of a non-profit that was sprung from a terrible terrible event, so here goes...

Back in January I happened to be watching the local news. They were covering the story of Meredith Emerson, who went missing on a hike in Georgia. The local news was covering it because Meredith went to school in the area. I was shocked as I watched the TV that night. Meredith was a schoolmate & friend of mine at West Lake. I remember her very well. She had a sunny disposition, was extremely friendly and very very fun. She never seemed to get caught up in any pubescent cattiness, unlike a lot of girls do at that age. She was a real class act. I lost touch with her when we left West Lake.

Well, a few days after she went missing, Meredith's body was found and her killer was caught. I don't understand any of this. It is just heartbreaking and it took me a couple of days (thanks is due to my friend, Debbie, for listening to me talk & try to sort it out on our work breaks) to get over this. It bothered me a lot. Still does.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I learned a non-profit was established in honor of Meredith. It's called Right to Hike. You can visit their site here. I've put my name on the mailing list so if there are any upcoming 5ks or other fund-raising events, I'll be sure to post them here.

So, I'm always looking for the takeaway when stuff like this happens. I'm not sure what to think of it all, but obviously, I think we should all, especially as women, be cognizant of our safety & the safety of our fellow women. More importantly, especially at this time of year, I think we must just takeaway from this the lesson that life is precious. Very very precious. I promise to post any updates from Right to Hike as I get them.

(photo from

Friday, November 28, 2008

Made it

Just a quick update...I did end up making that chocolate-pumpkin layer cake (recipe from The New York Times).

Looks gross, was good (actually this batter tasted amazing...better than the cake, even):

Looks good, was gross (until the confectioners' sugar was added-unsweetened chocolate melting on my stove):

All done (this was one of the few things I've made that actually looks like the photograph):

Anyway, just wanted to give the update. Hope everyone continues to enjoy their holiday weekend!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Dug up this picture of my family enjoying the holidays circa 1980-something. Love it. The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the photo I appear to be very happy to be with my parents & brother. I'm still very happy when I'm with them. I love them. A lot.

So, this time of year makes me think of all the things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for a lot. These guys, for starters. Plus my health, my dog, their dogs, my amazing friends, all of the wonderful people I've met this year & all the wonderful experiences I've had. This year has really been incredible. As some of you know, 2008 was the year I finally committed to finishing school. This has been huge. I don't know that I've ever been more broke or busy in all my life but I do know I've never been more happy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm off to take a stab at this. Wish me luck. xoxo

Christmas in NYC Nuptials

I put together this board in honor of the holiday season (I LOVE this time of year). I know some people hate the thought of 'rushing' the holidays, but I'm the kind of girl who can't wait for Christmas every year!

One of my favorite Christmas memories involves spending time around the holidays with my family on a trip to NYC. You really haven't experienced Christmas until you've seen Manhattan's version. The store displays, Rockefeller Center, etc. It's really magical. It's hard to believe I haven't been to NYC since March (oy)! I'm missing it-this post is a reflection of that, no doubt!

I used images of the Gramercy Park Hotel as a jumping off point. It really was just too perfect. Enjoy!

Column 1, T to B: Gramercy Park Hotel guest room photo from Hotels of the Rich & Famous, Rockefeller Center photo from TreeHugger, Bouquet by Felipe Sastre & Sherri Sossen-Williams from Brides

Column 2, T to B: gown by Oscar de la Renta from The Knot, Central Park's Wollman Rink photo from, evening gown by Oscar de la Renta (spring 2009 rtw collection) photographed by Marcio Madeira for

Column 3, T to B: Vintage Radio City Rockettes photo from Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Gramercy Park Hotel roof club photo from CNNMoney, The Wedding Belle invitation photographed by David Lawrence for Brides, Tuxedo photo by Lily Photography from The Knot, Black & white group shot by Zia O'Hara Photography from The Knot

Column 4, T to B: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral photo from NYC-Architecture, Cake by More Than Cakes, photo by Brooks Weddings from The Knot, Bride & cab photo by brian dorsey studios from The Knot

Oh well, so I admit it, I'm addicted to making these inspiration boards. Too much fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Running in the Cold

So, if you're like me, you might be finding it a little more difficult to get motivated to run in the cold, damp weather. I actually like running in the cold-honestly. It just takes me a lot longer to pump myself up when it's near freezing outside.

So, I thought I'd share this Runner's World article on the topic titled, "Winter Rules: How to stick with training when it gets dark and chilly."

Read full article here.

The best tip I can share is one you probably already know if you run. Layer up! I like to start with a pair of base layer pants under some running shorts. On top I wear 2 thin wicking tanks (I get mine from Target), a long sleeve running mock neck top & a zip up over that. Plus I sometimes wear wicking gloves & fleece earmuffs. Wicking is the key for me so I don't get too hot or uncomfortable. Oh, well, Happy running!

Monday, November 24, 2008

"My Home, My Self"

Found this article, "My Home, My Self: Photography as Art Project," in The New York Times last week. It's about NYC photographer, Todd Selby & his recent project of photographing the apartments/homes of interesting people. Selby said in the article, " 'I’ll see an interesting character and think, what does their apartment look like?' " Love it.

Read full article here.
View slideshow here.
Todd Selby's site.

(photograph by Todd Selby from The New York Times)

'Resourceful' Gifting Post VIII

More gifts under $10. This comes from the MoMA Store.

Reproduction of Henri Matisse's "The Red Studio" (1911). Matted Print, 11 x 14", $9.95 from

Here are previous posts on this (gifts under $10), by recipient:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still my heart...I love this!

Once in a while I'll stumble on an image that really gets me excited. Here's an example. It's from The New York Times...the article is titled, "Merrily They Dress." There's just something about it. You know, you may never wear this on a strut through downtown Manhattan. But you've got to love the spirit of the photo, the styling etc.

It says to me, "I don't give a @%#* what anyone thinks of me. I'm feisty. I'm fabulous. And I know it."

What the heck, life is short. Wouldn't it be great if everyone took a cue from this image? I love it.

View full slideshow here.

(photo by Frances Tulk-Hart for The New York Times)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Be there or be square

Love my Carolina Rollergirls! Visit their site for tickets, events, etc.

No Sunshine, No Problem

Was inspired by recent stormy fall weather...I found the gray sky combined with the red & orange leaves enchanting. Loved the color combination in person, HAD to do something with it.

Here it is: an overcast, stormy autumn afternoon/evening wedding. No sunshine, no problem, though...the colors, the mood, it all just works.

Column 1, T to B: gown by Judd Waddell from Martha Stewart Weddings, Stephen Dweck Prong Set Ring from Neiman Marcus, Magnolia-Leaf Wreaths & Garland from Neiman Marcus

Column 2, T to B:
Fall Storm Clouds photo from flickr, cake by Cecile Gady of Cakework, photographed by Antonis Achilleos for Brides, black & white sparklers photograph by Ira Lippke via Snippet & Ink

Column 3, T to B:
bouquet by David Stark, photographed by Victor Schrager for Brides, Diane von Furstenberg Lurex Dress from Neiman Marcus, redhead photograph by Susie Cushner for Brides

Column 4, T to B:
Chic Chocolate Favors from Martha Stewart Weddings, outdoor reception photo by Eclectic Images from The Knot, Paul Smith Corduroy Jacket from Neiman Marcus

Friday, November 21, 2008

Make your own vanity...

Leave it to Martha to show us how to make this. Yes, make it. I think this vanity is's sweet + it somehow manages to look vintage AND modern. Love it.

See detailed instructions (including illustrations & material lists) here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh, Oscar!

Oh, well, so much for the plan. Stumbled on this article from The New York Times re a visit to the Madison Avenue Oscar de la Renta store. I absolutely ADORED this article & it was just what I needed to push me through hump day yesterday...had to share. Love Oscar. Love, Love, Love this article by Cintra Wilson titled, "Play Along, if You Dare."

Read full article here.

View recent Oscar de la Renta runway shows here: Spring 2009 RTW, Resort 2009

(photo by Don Ashby for, design by Oscar de la Renta)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recent Kelly Wearstler article...

Found this October 2008 article on Kelly Wearstler on the domino site. Love it. Love her. Adore the pinks & purples + the 70s undertones of this room. Fabulous of course.

See a previous post on Kelly Wearstler (with bio + link to her site) here.

View full domino slideshow here.

(photo by Melanie Acevedo for

The Formal Thanksgiving

So, this is my 3rd post on what to wear on Thanksgiving (what can I say, I LOVE Thanksgiving)!

Well, I've shown you what I'd wear were I hosting Thanksgiving & what I'd wear were I going to a casual Thanksgiving let's get formal (or at least cocktail).

Picture it...a late dinner & cocktails at the Upper East Side home of your devastatingly chic in-laws. Well, I think I found it...check out this D&G Dress!

I have to admit, I don't actually know anyone who will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a late dinner & cocktails at the UES home of their devastatingly chic in-laws...but what an excuse it would be to wear this awesome dress! Something about the green/brown paisley makes me just love this dress for the holidays! Thanks for indulging me!

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Balloon-Sleeve Dress, $1,155 from

'Resourceful' Gifting Post VII

More gifts for under $'s gift is for the impossibly witty one on your gift list. Love that these books are pocket-sized. Also love that they look a little vintage.

Lines for All Occasions Insults & Comebacks or Breakups & Rejections, $7.95 ea from

PS: Z Gallerie is a great resource for gifts under $10. They even do the work for you by grouping all their gifts under $10 together on the web site! This is great!

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Break time!

This girl's girl is taking a couple days off from blogging...will return to blogland maybe by Sunday.

Sorry, folks, have TONS of projects need to finish up (+ woke up to find I need to get my phone line repaired & have tons to do around the house)!

Be back soon! xoxo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When the baby shower guest list includes 1,000

Found this article Sunday in The New York Times, thought I'd share. It first caught my eye because it is about a NC army base. What really caught my eye was the accompanying photograph of a baby shower near the base attended by 1,000 expecting mothers. Wow! The article is titled, "At Army Base, Stork Landed With the Airborne." Very cute & interesting.

Read full article here.

Another holiday style suggestion...

So, I've posted my idea of the perfect holiday party attire & the perfect Thanksgiving hostess, what should one wear when attending a casual Thanksgiving meal at a friend or family member's place?

I love this jeans/turtleneck/blazer combo. Jeans say you're not trying too hard but blazer shows you put effort into your look. I also think you can have fun/add interest with an unexpected color combination (like in this example).

Velveteen blazer, $88, from

Painting the town!

Wanted to post some more of my mom's are a couple of her commercial projects. Top image is of a mural you can find at University Mall in Chapel Hill (across from Waldenbooks). Bottom image is of a mural at Duke University Medical Center in a pediatric O.R.

Want more? Here are some previous posts I've done on my amazingly talented mother:
Love her. Love her work.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Scrap Exchange

Thanks to my girlfriends, Carrie & Peggy, I found a gold mine on Sunday in downtown Durham. The Scrap Exchange is the the perfect spot to pick up odds & ends for art/craft projects. Plus, it's a great place to get inspired if you're in a creative rut! This place has everything! If you like mosaic projects, this place has lots of beautiful tiles. If you like upholstery, this place has all kinds of beautiful trim. If you are a collector or like oddities, this place is full of that kind of stuff...including cool science beakers, petri dishes, etc.

According to their site ( "Our mission is to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse." Love it!

Disclaimer: you may want to dress down for your visit...I left this place covered in dust & textile fibers, but it was WAY worth it.

(images from

'Resourceful' Gifting Post VI

Ok, people, I'm back on it after a week or so off: gifts under $10. Here are previous posts on this, by recipient:
Now, here's something for that darling little one of your gift list. I think this duckie from Elegant Baby is just adorable. Baby will appreciate that it's fun, parents will appreciate that it's stylish.

Baby Chocolate/Green Dot Duck, $9.00 from

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Saw Quantum of Solace this weekend. Liked it. A lot. So, I thought I'd post a little 007 eye candy to mark the occasion. The still above is actually from Casino Royale. Enjoy!

(still from

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Inauguration Fashion Sketches

Love seeing fashion sketches by designers. Stumbled on this & thought the colors & everything else about it were just lovely. People asked designer Isabel Toledo to sketch what she'd dress the Obama family in for the Inauguration Ball. Not sure how this would look when actually constructed, but I just love the rendering & pretty background.

(image by Isabel Toledo from

Friday, November 14, 2008

Looks like heaven

Was reading The New York Times when I stumbled on this image & recipe for a Chocolate-Pumpkin Layer Cake. It nearly made me drool. What a fabulous alternative to a ho-hum pumpkin pie or chocolate cake. Yum. Looks just divine!

See the beautiful slideshow (including other great Thanksgiving recipe ideas) here.

View the recipe here.

(photo by Francesco Tonelli for The New York Times)

Sometimes, 1 is just not enough

We've all been there. Ready to make a purchase but the decision seems many beautiful choices, how will I ever choose (you know the moment I'm talking about)? Has happened to me on occasion...the fabric store comes to mind (one of my favorite places in the whole world, by the way). For some women it's the shoe store. For some it's the great restaurant with the endless menu. Anyway, this image reminds me of that feeling. That "sometimes, one is just not enough" feeling.

This is a photograph I found on the domino site. The foyer walls are covered in strips of differing wallpapers. I love it. I wonder if the homeowner may have felt, too, that sometimes one beautiful thing is just not enough. This is fabulous!

Love wallpaper? Check out the domino gallery for more images here.

(photo by Melanie Acevedo for

Bush designs

Not really into blogging about celebrity clothing lines (er, well, would you call Stella McCartney a celebrity? Celebrity offspring? Oh, well, I don't know), but this article (from W) on Lauren Bush caught my eye. She's George W.'s niece & a former Tommy Hilfiger model. The article kept my attention because a) her line is sustainable, b) she's known for doing a lot of charity work for impoverished women & c) she seems very articulate.

Anyway, the line is called Lauren Pierce. Going to be on the lookout for more on this line.

See Bush's style evolution (via here.

Read W article, "Lauren Bush's Inaugural Designs" here.

(photo by Sean Donnola from

Great, Girly Gift Wrap

So, I'm serious when it comes to wrapping gifts. Super serious. I love finding the perfect paper/bows/tags for all of my gifts...I just think it reinforces how special the recipient is to me. Plus, well, you may have picked up on this, but I like lovely things. If something is less-than-lovely & it is within my power to lovely it up, you better believe I'm gonna do it. Needless to say I was very excited to stumble on this gift wrap on the Luxe Paperie site. Fun. Whimsical. Vintage-y. Stylish. Love it.

Chandeliers Gift Wrap Sheet (top) & Chairs Gift Wrap Sheet (bottom), $2.50 ea, both by Julia Rothman for Hello! Lucky

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Call me crazy, but...

This might sound totally crazy (hey, I've been busy & well, sleep deprived, this week so my judgment may be suffering a bit) but I was looking through some of the 2009 Bridal Week runway photos (yes, there's no hiding it, I am still in love with all things bridal) when the Alvina Valenta show caught my eye. Sure the gowns are amazing, but that's not what made me take a second look. Look at the show's set-the 3-D flowers on the wall in the back of the photo. I think it's just beautiful.

So, my mind started to know how I think all little girls should have a princess room? Well I think these images would be awesome inspiration for a baby girl's nursery. I'm thinking faint pink walls and a similar (DIY) treatment on the walls using gorgeous buds from the craft or floral supply store. I'm thinking vintage-y furniture & simple solid color bedding. I'm thinking a darling chandelier with a soft pink fabric cord cover. I think it might be really really beautiful! I don't know, I think it would either be a mess or it would be dazzling. Oh, well, thanks for indulging me, anyway! I guess it's true what they say, inspiration is where you find it.

(photo from the Alvina Valenta collection via Brides)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best. Kitchen. Ever.

Found this kitchen on the domino site. What can I say that the image doesn't already say? Nothing. But you know me, I'll try: I love the way the traditional cabinetry is not-so-traditionally painted robin's egg blue. I love the way the modern stainless appliances pop against the stunning counter top & back splash. And the chandelier? Puh-lease. Loving this.

See more amazingly beautiful rooms featured in this slideshow here. Enjoy!

(photo by Paul Costello from

Purple Passion

Purple has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember...I've always been drawn to it. There are so many colors out there, that it's easy to drift away from 'your' color, but these images I found on the domino site remind me why I love purple so much. It is fabulous, that's why!

(Dining room image, top, by Justin Bernhaut. Bedroom image, bottom, by Paul Costello. Both from

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

Continuing the holiday theme today, lest us not forget today's holiday, Veterans Day (also the 90th anniversary of the end of WWI).

Don't forget to thank a veteran today!

Hostess with the Mostest (Style)

Said it once & I'll say it again-when you are hosting an event or party at home, you should dress the part. Sets a nice tone & lets guests know you appreciate their presence (since you actually put time into what you look like). Well, I've already shared my idea of the perfect holiday party outfit & I think I've found a great outfit for the Thanksgiving hostess (see above). It's an easy look: cardigan + skirt + heels. Love it. The cardigan is modest and approachable & the skirt/heels are festive & fun.

See details on this Easy Living Magazine page.

(photograph by Olivia Graham from

O Tannenbaum

I can't hold back anymore...I am sooo excited for the holidays! I've been listening to holiday music since July (er, earlier even, maybe). I know a lot of people are annoyed by the commercialism & hate seeing decorations in stores so early. I love it, though & regardless of the motives, seeing glowing lights makes me very very happy.

Well, I found some pretty Christmas tree images at & I HAD to share. So beautiful. I love dressing a tree. My tree always has pink & red (Martha Stewart brand) lights, purchased ages ago from KMart. It's very girly. Can't wait to post it when I put it up (right before or after Thanksgiving). In the meantime, please enjoy these tree images. All different styles. All lovely.

See slideshow (more trees!) here.

(both images from

Monday, November 10, 2008

Military-Inspired Coats

It's coat time, people (ALREADY)! So, while you might think I'd lean toward a great pastel pea coat for the season, I'm actually really really loving the military inspired coats & jackets out. I mean they are stylish, different & really fun. See the feature on these + other great coats on the Easy Living Magazine site here.

Oh, & speaking of military, tomorrow is Veterans Day. Don't forget to thank a veteran!

Wool coat with velvet trim (top) by Dorothy Perkins. Wool jacket (bottom) by Joules.

(photos by Elliston Lutz from

'Resourceful' Gifting Post V

Continuing my posts on gifts for under $10... I think this would be a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. Simple. Chic. Stunning.

For background see Posts I, II, III & IV. Before I bore anyone reading out there in blog land (or myself, for that matter) I think I'm going to take a little break from this post series. Will post more gifts under $10 maybe next week. Will devote this week's posts to other musings.

Stainless Steel Espresso Cup/Saucer
, $9.95 from

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dark, intoxicating bedroom

Despite my tendency to be attracted to 'girly' rooms, there isn't a design style that I don't love, if executed well. Here's an example. I found this image from W magazine via Apartment Therapy. Love the richness of the dark colors. LOVE a blue bedroom & LOVE dark jewel tones. I also like that this bedroom is very "gender neutral." I mean some men don't want to sleep amidst a bunch of flowers, non? I can see this color combo working no matter what your style . Dark blue walls, rich red drapes, green linens. Perfection. Simple but dramatic and sooo cozy. Love this room!

By the way, LOVING W's House Tours. So inspirational. So gorgeous!

(photograph by Alexia S. for W magazine)

'Resourceful' Gifting Post IV

Ok, it's official, I'm obsessed with finding great gifts for under $10. See Posts I, II & III for more info. My mother, grandmother & I were just discussing resourceful shopping this morning. We all agreed that you don't have to pay a lot to receive a lot.

Well I found this gift idea on, a book titled, The Cheese Companion: A Connoisseurs Guide. Perfect for the foodie or entertainer on your gift list. Plus the price is so right that you could get creative with gift wrapping or add something from the gourmet grocery store. Love it.

The Cheese Companion: A Connoisseurs Guide, $4.99 from

(image from

Saturday, November 8, 2008

DIY Art (continued) (again)

So I've been on this kick lately where I've been finding some art pieces on the web that I think I could totally recreate. See previous posts here & here. Well, here's another. Not sure exactly what this piece is composed of. But I think the look could totally be recreated either using a fabulous fabric purchased from your favorite fabric store or even a beautiful high end wallpaper. This could be placed directly on the wall or over something like MDF, then framed by molding purchased at the hardware store. Would be such a simple project that would result in a beautiful statement piece.

By the way, have been inspired to make some art for my dining room wall (adjacent to Louis' portrait). It's nothing like anything I've posted, but I think it will be awesome. What's more? Totally free. Will just take some stuff I have already here at the condo + a steady hand. All I need is to find the time to do it. Will post it as soon as I have it done (hopefully later this weekend or early next week)!

(photograph from Flickr, view it here)

'Resourceful' Gifting Post III

Quest for gifts under $10 continues (see Post I & II). Found these adorable hats on the redenvelope site. Perfect for the outdoorsy person or fisherman in your life. Since the price is oh-so-right I'd probably include a outdoor magazine or some of those little fishing things (lures & whatnots-not sure what they're called) found somewhere like Wal-Mart in the sporting goods section.

Fish Bucket Hat, $3.99 - $4.99 from

This reminds me of my grandfather, Gary. Love him! Makes me smile!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Behold, my DREAM closet...

So, I've shown you my dream office, now here's my dream closet. LOVE. This is actually the Brooklyn home of J. Crew creative director, Jenna Lyons. See the domino slideshow, & the rest of her home, here.

(photo by Melanie Acevedo from

Resort 2009-Inspired Wedding

So, I'm in love with the Neiman Marcus Resort 2009 Collection...I'm particularly fond of the bold colors & fabrics. I especially love the oranges & blues. I thought combined, they would make a killer color combination.

So, I thought back to how much fun I had making wedding inspiration boards for the Southern Weddings Magazine blog, I thought, what the heck? I don't need an excuse to make one of these. So I did. I like how cheerful this turned out. I also like the way the colors are equally perfect for a fall, spring or summer wedding. So much fun!

Column 1, T to B: gown by Thread photographed by Dagmara, from Brides, cake by Margaret Braun photographed by Miki Duisterhof, from Brides, Babette jeweled-feather peep-toe heels from j.crew

Column 2, T to B: organic strawberry jam favor jars photographed by Lisa Lefkowitz Photography, from The Knot, tissue paper escort cards photographed by Tirado Photography, from The Knot, Armani Collezioni shantung suit from Neiman Marcus, artichoke leaves, taramasalata & caviar from Brides

Column 3, T to B: Aldridge solid suit vest from j.crew, blue & orange tablescape from Brides, eyelet design menu from The Knot

Column 4, T t0 B: Zac Posen long siren gown from Neiman Marcus, bridesmaids with orange flowers photograph by JoNa Photography, from The Knot, Joseph & Feiss cutaway tuxedo from Brides

Thursday, November 6, 2008

'Resourceful' Gifting Post II

Continuing my quest to scour the web for amazing gifts for under $10. See this post for background. THIS IS FAR MORE FUN than I thought it would be. Turns out you CAN be discriminating AND cheap. Nice! Plus, I think this kind of process is great because it really makes you think about the recipient.

So, here's what I found for that Carrie Bradshaw in your life. You know her. Loves fashion. Loves all things lovely. Loves to mix & match. Loves anything vintage/vintage-inspired.

Paris Tote, $5.50. Forever Flower Brooch, $3.80. Both from I'd probably pin the brooch to the bag.