Friday, October 31, 2008

Say, "Cheese!"

So remember how I went on & on about how I was just as mesmerized (if not more) by the behind-the-scenes workings of fashion weeks, as I was by the fashion? Well, when I found this feature on I knew I had to share! Model/photographer Astrid Muñoz shot some gorgeous photos during fashion week in Paris. The image above, captured at the Christian Dior show, is my favorite.

See all the photos here.

(photo by Astrid Muñoz from

Stella does running...

Still loving Stella McCartney's Adidas line. Continuing this week's running her running tights. So perfect for this time of year!

See more Stella gear here.

See my older/related posts on Stella McCartney for Adidas here & here & here.

Happy Halloween!

So, I'm up late's going to be a busy day & I probably won't have time to post later, so I'm gonna go ahead & post now! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

You may see me floating around later tonight in these:

Thanks, mom!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paris pied-à-terre

Found this image from ELLE Decor (via Point Click Home) of designer Lisa Fine's Paris apartment. I don't know if it's the pink walls, portrait of her late dog hanging above the fireplace, the Kara Walker piece, or all of the above. But I LOVE it. So dreamy. See article + slideshow here.

More on dog portraits here :)

(image from

My favorite race so far...

So, NYC Marathon is Sunday & I just think it's the perfect excuse to post about one of my favorite things in the whole world: running (see previous posts on the marathon here).

If you don't know already, running changed my life & during my relatively short time as a runner (& I plan on being a runner forever), I've had some awesome experiences. My favorite race, hands-down, so far was the Race for the Warriors last summer at Camp Lejeune. The beneficiary was the Hope for the Warriors organization. I ran alongside many wounded veterans, some in handcycles & some assisted by prosthetic running legs. It was such an awesome experience (I could go on about it forever). Just one more example of running bringing people together/making a positive difference in someone's life. Please visit the organization's site if you are interested in assisting wounded veterans.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I voted!

Finally! This is the 3rd time I was old enough to vote in a presidential election & my 3rd time voting in one. Early voting was SO easy-I was in & out in 10 minutes. I would highly recommend early voting-the pressure is off on election day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love this jewelry!

Loving this jewelry line, M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza. I especially love these drop earrings & this enamel cuff.

I looked up Matthew Campbell Laurenza's site, which is awesome. He talks about his design inspiration & about his new men's collection. View his site here.

(Drop Earrings $1360, Enamel Cuff, Extra Large $1620, both from

Marathon Madness

NYC Marathon is Sunday. Awesome. I decided I'd post some related articles this week to mark the occasion.

1st up: The New York Times article on 2 of my favorite things: good food & running, titled, "Passion for Food Adjusts to Fit Passion for Running." Read article here.

2nd: Also from NYT, an interactive article titled, "Running a Different Race." This one is about people from entertainment, sports & business worlds who are running in Sunday's marathon. Read article here.

(photo from; 2004 marathon, Paula Radcliffe & Susan Chepkemei race to the finish line)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Loving this bedroom!

So girly & cosmopolitan + there's something vintage (circa 1970s/80s about it)...I love it! According to the House Beautiful article by Christine Pittel: "This room is definitely for a grown-up girl who is still young at heart." Don't know why I'm all about the "girly" rooms today, but I'm feeling it. Read full article here.

(photo from

Loving this dining room!

I love this dining room image I found on the House Beautiful site (read full article here). Love the blend of furniture. It seems very vintage/thrift store-ish. Plus, I'm a sucker for that plum/turquoise color combination.

(photograph from

Costume Ideas

Halloween is Friday. Already. Where did the summer go? Oh, well. Wanted to post link to an older post full of costume ideas. Remember the site The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes. Well thought it might come in handy this week.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why haven't I seen this movie yet?

Late last night/early this morning I was working when I heard some of the most beautiful music coming from the TV in the living room. I had to see what it was. It was the movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Cate Blanchett). The movie was ending. But the costumes, the music, Blanchett...why haven't I seen this movie yet, I wondered?! Found some trailers on YouTube & I'm keeping my eyes peeled for HBO's next airing of it.

Can't wait.

Update: saw Elizabeth late last night...LOOOOVED it!

You go, girl.

Love this NYT's article, titled "Marathon Oddity Leads to Two First-Place Finishers."

Read full article here.

(Runner Arien O’Connell, photographed by Béatrice de Géa for The New York Times)

Fashion for Less

Stumbled on this NYT's article titled, "A Label for a Pleather Economy." Talks about how tough times translate to your wardrobe. It kind of reminds me of some of the fashion magazines that show you "more affordable" fashion options. Except in these magazines the original dress is like $2,000 & the alternative is just $300. Right. Talk about being a little out-of-touch.

Anyway, I like dressing on the cheap & LOVE the trend of big designers creating affordable lines. My current favorites are Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line (uh, when everything in the collection is under $10, what's NOT to love?) & Vera Wang's Simply Vera Wang line. Pieces from both lines hang in my closet side-by-side which is sort of ironic considering the two designers had it out publicly via the New York Times not long ago. Anyway, hope you enjoy the article.

Read full article here.

Je suis vraiment désolée!

Translation: I'm terribly sorry. I hear Fiona Apple singing in my head, "I've been a bad bad girl." Except replace "girl" with "blogger." Truth is I've been really busy with school work & another project & basically just life in general...these things have kept me away from the blog world for a couple of days! But I'm back...hope you enjoy today's posts. Happy Sunday!

PS: Thanks so much to the girlfriends I had the pleasure of dining with Friday night. Love ya!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quote of the day, er, year...

"We don't need art, but we cannot live without it." Karl Lagerfeld, as in THE Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel designer.

(Lagerfeld with Kate Bosworth, at the opening, earlier this week, of the Chanel Pavilion in Central park, photo by Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan from

Read the NYT's article on the pavilion here. It's a little critical, but whatever.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As promised, the dreamiest dresses from Bridal Fashion Week

Spring '09 collections were oh-so-dreamy! Here are the dreamiest gowns, in my opinion:

top row, L to R: Elizabeth Fillmore, Vera Wang
bottom row, L to R: Jenny Packham, Atelier Aimee
(all images from

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bridal Fashion Week...sweeeet!

2009 Spring collections are being awesome...will post images later!

Love this...

Love this très adorable sketch/notebook from Forever 21...know what I love even more? It costs a mere $3.8o! A few of these in an adorable basket with some cute pens = awesome gift for the writer/artist in your life, non? Get it at
Also, shoutouts due to my mother & brother for taking care of me this weekend...harsh cold put me outa commission! Thanks, guys! xoxo

ps: "Grownup yet?" sign number 3: I can't ignore a dirty dish in the sink...dirty dishes = gross.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I love Fall, but...

...the cold & dreary weather today makes me want to step out of the house in something like this:

(Tuleh floral print & butterfly cardigan from

ps: "Grownup yet?" sign number 2: I now own & wear socks. Yes, people, I've FINALLY learned flip flops are not for winter. Further, flip flops are not part of most workplace dress codes, natch!

Bon week-end!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grownup, yet?

Just realized this AM that my birthday is less than a week away...time flies! Well, indulge me here-I thought I'd mark the occasion by spending a couple days counting down to the big day (26! Wow!). So, I feel like I've transformed a bit in the last few years, & more recently I've taken to doing "grownup things."

I'm going to spend a couple days counting down some of the ways I've noticed, I might be entering "grownup territory." Without further ado, sign number 1: I now save buttons. Nope, I haven't taken up button crafts (yet) but I used to just toss or lose the extra buttons that come with clothing. Not anymore. That seems crazy-I might need those suckers! So grownup!

(photo from

Celerie talks design

Celerie Kemble = by far, one of my favorite designers. I love that she said this when ELLE Decor asked her to explain her design mantra:

"Every house needs a soul. I help put the person in the space. Otherwise it's just a space. "

Read the interview here.

(Photo by Carter Berg for ELLE Decor)

Behold, my DREAM office...

Found this office photo from ELLE Decor on PointClickHome. I'm in love. And how brilliant is it that a Carolina Herrera gown hangs on the door? Nothing more to say, here, I'll just let the image speak for itself.

(photo by Simon Upton from

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loving this...

Flashback: Paris...October 3...the Valentino collection. The collection was good BUT I was more taken by what Valentino designer, Alessandra Facchinetti, was wearing when she came out at the show's end. I just love it. I think a wispy, ethereal blouse like this, combined with black on the bottom, would be perfect for so many fall occasions. I'm thinking dinner parties. Holiday cocktails, etc. So perfect.

That's what I love about fashion week(s). The collections are a small fraction of the fun. I LOVE seeing what the buyers and editors are wearing on the front row, the show's styling, set design, etc. L.O.V.E. it!

(photo by Marcio Madeira from

Monday, October 13, 2008

Every little girl should have a princess room!

So, I promised I'd share more of my mom's murals. These are some done in little girls' rooms. See other posts on her work here, here & here.

She's done some amazing kids' rooms/nurseries over the years. I can't get enough of these! I was actually my mom's first client, I think. My first room featured a Noah's ark mural, complete with animals...later I'd have a Strawberry Shortcake mural, wild flower mural, etc. Loved them all.

If there's one thing for certain, if I ever have a kid, that baby is going to have an OFF-THE-HOOK room!


Uh, what got into me?

So, I thought the weekend was going to be chill. Catch up on some school work, go thrifting with a girlfriend...chill enough, right?

Uh, no. I had one of the craziest weekends ever. Something got into me. I got this surge of creative energy which involved everything from painting furniture, totally PIMPING out my closet, rearranging my house, framing photos, etc. All this yesterday. I capped it off with a trip to the library with Eric. We were there until it closed at midnight & when I got home I was STILL hyped up.

I woke up this morning & looked around. I'd fallen asleep with the light on in my bedroom. In my jeans & bra & shoes. There were no sheets on the bed. I realized I had more paint & spray paint in my house than a Sherwin-Williams store. Alas, I am my mother's daughter!

Speaking of my mother, I plan on posting some of her work later today or in the AM. Also, I'll try to take some pics of the stuff I worked on this the meantime, Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The way we live

So, when I was I kid my brother & I had this awesome set of child encyclopedias. Well, I loved reading, and my favorite books in this set were the craft one and one that included a section on where & how people live (go figure on both). The second talked about homes in different parts of the world, and this fascinated me. It showed how people lived in Asian metropolises for example, versus how people lived in rural Africa, etc.

Well I’ve never stopped being interested in how/where people live. This is evident in my posts today. The first is a New York Times article about the trend of Manhattan families refusing to move to the suburbs. I found the second article on Point Click Home. It highlights some of the world’s narrowest houses.

Anyway, I’ll always be fascinated with this idea of “shelter.” I think the outrageous expectations in this country concerning homes makes me more interested. On this need vs. want phenomenon, I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again: humans once lived in caves, people! What can I say, I think a place that is warm & spirited always trumps a place that’s simply “big.” Besides, I'm always interested in readings that make rethink "convention." Hope you enjoy these articles.

NYT's article, "Move Up? Move Out? Families Squeeze In"

Point Click Home article, "Skinny Living"

Happy Sunday!

(photo by Makoto Yoshida from

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My baby is 3 months old!

So, I just realized, the blog turned 3 months old yesterday! Time does fly! This has been such a fun experience for me! So, I was thinking, what could I give anyone who follows the blog to mark the occasion?

Well, if you follow this blog, I'm assuming you have great taste. So, I'll just send you off to one of my favorite sites, for a 'lil daydreaming. I LOVE THIS SITE, it takes me someplace else. Please, have your volume up, because the music is half the experience.

Thanks for following!

(cake image from

Chivalry or Chauvinism?

Found this New York Times article just fascinating. It is all about the high end restaurant/service industry's view of gender. The article is titled, "Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner?"

Read full article here.

(image by Tony Cenicola for The New York Times)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I can't help myself...I love this!

Ok, I'm reposting this image. What can I say, I just love it. See original post here for image credit/details!

I Heart Isaac

So, I had to stop by Borders on my way home tonight (got this urge to reread On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King & no library around here has it...I have no patience)! Well, I stumbled on Isaac Mizrahi's book, How to Have Style. Quickly thumbed through it & it looks just beautiful. It came out on Oct. 7th, so it's hot off the press, folks!

Oh, & I looked up the book online & turns out Isaac Mizrahi has an AWESOME site. Check it out here.

(image from

Good NYT Article...

I LOVED this New York Times article by Joyce Wadler, titled, "Thinking Like a Student." It shows how broke students decorate (fearlessly & cheaply) & what everyone else can learn from their approach.

"There is...much that can be learned from students who’ve managed to put together great looking places on what a grown-up might pay for a one-way ticket to Paris," Wadler writes.

Read full article here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I posted earlier in the week about my dream of living in a stone house in the country one day. Well, before I go country, I'd like to live in a big loft high in the sky in a huge city. Basically, I'd like to live here:

This image is actually from ABC Carpet & Home in New York via their site, remember when my mom & I first stepped foot into the store at Broadway & 19th several years ago. I think I can confidently speak for her when I say we could both LIVE in this place. We love it that much.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday...

I have so much I want to post this morning BUT I'm running slightly late, so I'll have to wait until this evening or tomorrow (I have tons of school stuff to do between now & 7:30 PM-wish me luck)! Just wanted to dip in & say good morning! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

ps: for those of you who saw me limping around this weekend & had to hear about my aching Achilles tendon, here's an update-by yesterday afternoon I was fine. Went running early this morning for the first time since Friday (I know! Gasp!) & I felt perfect!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Country Home

So I'm guilty of daydreaming occasionally (OK, that's such an understatement, it made me laugh). Anyway, I sometimes daydream about one day buying a VERY VERY old home in the country (in my daydreams it's usually in rural France). I will have lots of land, dogs, cats & sheep. And the house, it will be stone, full of cracks & imperfections & I will be a very happy girl.

So, I was so delighted to find this article on the Country Living site. Call me crazy, but this looks heavenly to me.

(photos by Robin Stubbert from

More mom...

So, I wanted to post some more of my mom's work. See previous posts on her work here & here. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous bathroom. It's a perfect room to focus a design on for numerous reasons. First, it's likely the smallest room in your home, so it's relatively easy to spruce up (considering you're not gutting it, etc). Also, people are more likely to take design risks (by the way, I don't think there's such a thing as a 'design risk,' but you know what I mean) here. Anyway, below are a couple of bathrooms my mom has done in the past.

The first image is a bathroom I absolutely LOVE. There's something about the botanical mural; it's not cheesy, it's sophisticated, slightly exotic & just beautiful. The silver & gold layered on top create a beautiful patina, too. I just love it.

The second image is of a powder room she did that incorporates Venetian plaster. This stuff is absolutely amazing in person. It's an ancient technique that is extremely labor-intensive. The plaster contains marble dust so once all the layers are on, the wall actually feels like marble. I love this finish.

ps: Mom tells me she just finished a mural for a couple who relocated from Brooklyn. It's in their daughter's playroom & includes the little girl driving a cartoon-like car in the direction of NYC. Mom included the Brooklyn bridge, Flatiron & Empire State Building (per the couple's request). Will post some images of this mural soon!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inspiration Boards for Southern Weddings Magazine

So, a few days ago I posted a teaser for all you bridezillas/girls who love all things bridal. Well, Southern Weddings Magazine had a contest on their blog where entrants were to choose a piece of jewelry from Fuss Jewelry & create a wedding inspiration board inspired by the piece. Well, I created these 3 boards (below). This morning I was thrilled to wake up to find out all 3 of the boards are finalists. See the Southern Weddings Magazine blog for more.

I must say, I discovered Southern Weddings Magazine just a couple of months ago, I go there often & it is by far the most amazing bridal blog I've found. You can tell from the quality of the blog that the team at Southern Weddings Magazine is amazingly talented, insightful & stylish. And to think, they are local. How fabulous is that!?

If you like these boards, please vote for your favorite on the Southern Weddings Magazine blog. All 20 of the boards posted are EXQUISITE, & I'm honored to be among them!

Bon week-end!

Subtle, Stylish, Seaside Wedding...

Sophisticated, Southern Sunset Wedding...

Intimate, Impressionist-Inspired Wedding...

(see for credits & hyperlinks)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ga Ga for Giambattista

So, remember how I said I was in love with the Giambattista Valli show (Paris, 10/2/08)? Well, here's why:

(all photos by Marcio Madeira from, designs by Giambattista Valli)

Paris Shows...

I just saw photos from the Giambattista Valli show. Wow...I will post when I have time. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bridezillas, take note

Ok, so for all you bridezillas or girls who love all things bridal, I have a surprise. Earlier this week, I finished some submissions (total eye candy) for Southern Weddings Magazine & have three fabulous posts to showoff in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled.

Wanted: Blue Bag with Gold Hardware

So, Sunday I lunched with my gorgeous, wonderful girlfriend, Carole. We had an awesome time catching up & an even better time doing some serious people watching. By the way, there's something to be said for hanging out with a girlfriend who has known you for more than 10 years, there's really no better feeling!

Anyway, the point of all this is that Carole was carrying a killer handbag that I couldn't take my eyes off of. It was bright blue with gold hardware. It was perfect. So, I scoured the web looking for something awesome. Here's what I found. Note that I'm not 100% happy with this bag since I don't really care for leather (love animals too much), but you get the idea. It's hard to find a blue bag with gold hardware. Trust me, the combination is hot in person!

Gigi mini bag by Julie K from Couture Candy, $176

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our homes

I like this article I found on titled, "What Makes a Home."

Here's an excerpt: "Everywhere we look, there's another expert telling us the answer lies in something we don't have, from fancy bed linens to an interior decorator. The feeling of being 'at home' can't be bought, however."

Anyway, I liked this article/found it insightful.

Read article here.


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, who was only a couple years older than me, died My parents & I thought the world of Liz, & I've been wanting to remember/pay tribute to her in some way here.

Well, Liz had a sweet little dog that she loved so much & I found some images I think Liz would have really been crazy about. Liz was such a little/demure person physically, but she really had one of the biggest personalities I've ever encountered. Mom, Dad & I will miss you, Liz!

(all images from Pampered Puppy)